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What criteria will be used to design the building and installation?  What would be the most effective installation technique so that your staff can be the most productive?

What levels of specifications are appropriate for your budget?

What type of interior layout is required for staff interaction?  In order to boost productivity and profitability, your building design should be functional, attractive and affordable.

Do you need private offices, project rooms, activity areas and individual workstations?

How would you describe your office culture? Is it a structured or an open environment?

What will be the primary use of the building?  The building should be designed with a secondary use in mind for the building to maximize your resale potential.

Who will be occupants of the building?  Do they have any special use requirements that need to be planned for in the building specifications such as floor loads or sound?

How long will you need the modular building?  What is the probability that your need will extend beyond that initial time frame?  Time periods are critical elements in modular design.

When do you want to occupy the building?  When do you want a price?  When will you make a decision?  Is your organization supported with government dollars which require an RFQ?

How involved do you want to be in the construction process?  In what areas do you want to maintain control?  Are you familiar with the permit process?  Do you want a turnkey installation to include permits, engineering, excavation, foundation, electric, water, sewer, parking, landscaping, etc.?  This determines the Scope of Work to be quoted. 

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