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Steps to a successful modular construction project:

1st Step . . . Establish your Project Objectives
~ ~ ~
2nd Step . . . Evaluate your Overall Project Plan
~ ~ ~
3rd Step . . . Perform a Customer Need Evaluation
~ ~ ~
4th Step . . . Modular Design Criteria
MBA evaluates the information collected from the first three steps and formulates a
construction plan in support of the Project Objectives and within the projected budget.
~ ~ ~
5th Step . . . Modular Construction Specialist
MBA will define the Building Specifications, establish the Scope of Work for the
subcontractors and develop the Installation Criteria to create a finished veneer.
~ ~ ~
Put it all together and you have . . . 
MBA's RFQ (Request for Quotation) Design Package!
MBA goes far beyond a simple floor plan and basic specifications.

Click here to see a complete description of our Design Package using Adobe Acrobat

You spent years in planning . . . months in design . . .
and millions in construction . . . now you need additional space. . .
   Why park a temporary trailer next to your beautiful facility 
when you can have an attractive and functional modular building 
by utilizing MBA's RFQ Design Package?

Allow MBA to look out for your interests as your pre-construction modular consultant!

Sample Floorplans
Church Sanctuary Example
Education Wing Example
Lockers & Classrooms Example
3,000 S.F. Medical Example
11,000 S.F. Medical Example
Stock Office or Stock Classroom
MBA = Success
RFQ Design Package by MBA
Scope of Work
Installation Criteria
Building Specifications
Features & Benefits
Economic Savings
Speed of Occupancy
Factory Controlled Quality
Ease of Expansion
Ability to Relocate
Financial Flexibility

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