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This is the most under utilized and one of the most beneficial features of modular buildings.  Every organization has growth projections.  Modular buildings allow you to grow with your needs.  Assume you have a need for 1,300 square feet now and project that you will need an additional 1,300 square feet each year for the next five years. 

Modular buildings can solve this space problem in a variety of ways.  The most common approach in the retail modular market is to park a double-wide next to your million dollar main facility and each year just bring in another one.  Although this is an option, Modular Building Associates can show you how you can expand each year under one roof.  You can create a modular building with the same architectural features as your main facility and with the ability to easily expand as the need dictates.  Let's face it, parking six double-wides next to a commercial facility just creates an unattractive trailer park.

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