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Modular buildings offer a wide variety of financial options unavailable with other forms of construction.  Below is a sample of the financial flexibility available with modular construction.  As you can see, you have various financial arrangements available to create a winning budget formula for your space needs. 

     A.     Cash Purchase Price                                            $340,496
     B.     Finance the Purchase Price (example below uses a balloon loan)
               Initial down-payment required                         $31,340
               Finance payment over 48 months                        $5,000
               Balloon payment due at end of 48 months     $188,966

     A.     Lease payment over 48 month term                      $5,580
     B.     Initial down-payment for delivery                       $65,389 
              Finance 75% of the initial $65,389 down payment over the 48 month term
              25% initial down-payment required                   $16,347
              Additional payment per month for 75%              $1,390
     C.     Dismantle and return charges due at end          $36,104
     D.     Purchase option at the end of lease term         $200,000

Exercised within two years from manufactured date  $225,000

(Click here to see another financial example)

Below is a cost breakdown of a site-constructed building in 2000.  This information is provided to assist you in your overall budget planning and comparison with modular construction.  The percentages presented are based upon a site-constructed building between 10,000-15,000 square feet in size.  Of course, a 5,000 square foot site-constructed building will have different percentages.  You should always consider your total project costs when evaluating various construction options. 

General construction costs for a site-constructed building 
    Drywall  7.90% 
    Air Conditioning  5.26% 
    Electrical  6.49% 
    Masonry Veneer  9.94% 
    Structural Steel  9.14% 
    Misc Labor and Materials  19.23% 
Subtotal  57.96% or $80.62 per square foot 

(This is where modular construction can save you money and time!  Modular construction would have provided the same building for around $60 per square foot with the ability to save even more by using a variety of factory installed finishes.  This site-constructed project required over seven months to complete.  Modular construction would have completed the project in four months.)

General construction costs for site development 
   Concrete  15.52% 
   Utilities  9.22% 
   Sitework  7.12% 
   Brick Screen Wall  5.04%
Subtotal  36.90% = $51.32 per square foot

   Bonds/Insurance/Dues   1.62% 
   Arch/Engineer   1.02% 
   Furniture/Equipment   2.50% 
Subtotal  5.14% or $7.14 per square foot

Total project costs 100.00% or $139.10 per square foot

You should also include your land cost into your budget evaluation. 

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