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Your modular building I-Beams act as your primary foundation, but these steel members do not provide
support between each module.  You can choose from a wide variety of foundation designs to support 
the mateline, but the type you need for your specific modular building will depend upon your 
overall project objectives.  Call us at (866) 266.4622 (4MBA) to discuss your project.


The pictures above show a perimeter grade beam, poured concrete pier and a perimeter footer at grade
ready to receive a block stem wall.  All three of these options require specialized installation. 

Addressing mateline stress is the most critical element in a modular foundation design

The picture on the left is a strip footer foundation at grade.  This economical design provides 
support between modules because each strip is poured perpendicular to the I-Beam frames.  The
center picture above is one example of a mechanical pier support system.  These can be used as 
either temporary or permanent installations.  The picture on the right shows a site constructed 
pipe sleeve foundation design.  The steel pipe is imbedded in cement and permanently welded 
to the modular I-Beam frame. 
Below are three pictures showing the construction process of a typical strip footer.

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