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MBA General Contracting for commercial modular buildings

Modular Building Associates(MBA) offers three different forms of general contracting.

1.  Turnkey Contracting
Using this form of contract MBA agrees to handle a specific scope of work for a lump sum amount. 
MBA assumes all financial risks and responsibilities for a projected return on investment.

2.  Cost-Plus Contracting
Using this form of contract MBA shifts major portions of the project costs from MBA to the client.
MBA manages the project, but major cost areas are paid by the client in advance through MBA.

3.  Project Consultation
Using this form of contract MBA provides direction and assistance without contracting responsibilities.
MBA can provide you with our 20+ years of modular construction experience for a daily fee plus expenses.

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Strip Footer Foundation in process of having concrete poured and smoothedBlocks on Strip Footer Foundation

Above is a strip-footer foundation design which stabilizes the mateline of your building.
After the concrete is poured, allow two weeks cure time before the building is delivered.
Would you like a bid on your strip-footer foundation?  Call (972) 745-4622 (4MBA).

Retaining Walls
Foundation Options
Electric & HVAC
Steps, Decks and Ramps
MBA = Project Manager
Modular construction requires intial planning for a successful project.
Turnkey site development for your modular construction project.
Modular Building Associates equals modular construction specialists.
Modular building installation planning.
MBA = Project Manager
Interior Finish
Exterior Veneers
Driveways & Parking
Portico & Pergola

All successful projects start with preparation, but even the best laid plans will fall short if the on-site execution is lacking professionalism. 
Proper installation of a modular building requires undivided attention to detail, construction experience and basic common sense. 
Modular Building Associates is dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction with our construction services. 

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