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What are your project objectives? 
What are you trying to achieve by using a modular building?
Are you trying to improve quality, lower costs, add value, raise productivity, enhance
competitiveness, etc.?  Of course, the answer is yes to all of the above. 
Is your space need temporary?  What if the building is on-site fifteen years from now?

The modular industry has a saying "temporary buildings grow roots".
Plan for a long-term installation even if you have a short-term need.

The Installation Criteria is your plan to integrate your modular building with your site.  The critical decisions you make regarding installation determine if your building will look like a temporary trailer or a professionally planned addition. 

How much of your budget do you want to dedicate to site development?
What are the existing site conditions and your slope of grade?
Do we need to excavate or raise the grade to lower your building profile?
How deep and how far away is the sanitary sewer service?
Is water and electric service available?
Do you need additional parking to support the added square footage?
What are the defining architectural features around the building site?
How can we best use these features to accent your modular building?

Your project is much more than generic specifications and a basic floor plan.  Anyone can have a factory construct a modular building, but it takes knowledge, insight, experience and style to create a successful modular project.  Balancing your building profile with your existing site conditions is the defining step in achieving an attractive overall project appearance. 

Steps to a successful project

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