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How do you design a modular building so that it looks like a planned addition and not a trailer?
Modular construction can utilize a wide variety of exterior veneers to change the appearance of any temporary or permanent building.  Modular buildings are typically used as flex-space beside an existing structure.  In that situation, the best approach to make the modular building blend into the existing campus is to build the new modular to mimic the predominant architectural features of the main facility.  The Education Wing and Medical Office Building pictures below are examples of this technique.
Education Wing
Modular Education Wing designed to mimic the exterior veneer of the main facility.
 The modular building mimics the main facility through the use of colors and textures.  The modular building has a green metal roof, tan color siding and light colored stone around the bottom section of building.  Although we could not mimic the roof slope or lower the building for this project, we were able to include a window design to compliment the main building. 
 Below is the typical trailer solution.
Multiple trailers create a very unattractive appearance.
Medical Office Building
Modular Medical Addition designed to blend into the professional campus.
In the background is the main facility which has straight lines, light textured finish and the building facade is defined by the windows.  The modular building design utilized these key features to make the addition looked like a planned expansion and not a quick-fix to a space problem.  In addition, the site was excavated to lower the profile of the modular building to create an impression of a permanent facility when entering the campus. 
 Below is the typical skid building solution.
Storage buildings with air conditioners being used as classrooms.
The top two examples are modular buildings designed to blend into the client's existing campus.  The trailer and skid examples in the lower two pictures show the common retail approach.  The difference is in design and planning.  What's the cost difference between a professionally designed modular building compared to a trailer or skid building?  Literally, pennies per square foot.  It does not make sense to waste your money on a trailer or skid building when, for pennies per square foot, you can have a professionally designed facility.  What will the local community or building inspection department think about the trailer or skid building solution?  They support our professionally designed modular building solution. 

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