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Interior Aesthetic Finishes

Interior Aesthetic Finishes Available with Modular Buildings 
Modular buildings should effectively meet its users needs both spatially and environmentally.  A modular building should be designed for serviceability over time, for flexibility and for adaptability.  Over time as user needs and technological requirements evolve, the building should be able to accommodate some level of adaptation and reconfiguration without exorbitant expense or structural modification. 

The key to creating the right interior is matching the appropriate finish with your cost objectives.  What do you want, what do you need and which finishes do you want included in the budget? Do you want slate floors with hand textured gypsum walls surrounded by custom trim?  How about a ten-foot ceiling with skylights?  Modular buildings can offer a variety of finishes just like other forms of construction. 

Entrances and adjacent lobby spaces are frequently gathering places for building occupants.  The building should be designed to encourage interaction.  These areas and others should be visually stimulating, prominent and contribute to the health, welfare and quality of life.
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