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Modular Building Associates (MBA) is dedicated to building business relationships through personal service, cost-effective construction management and innovative manufacturing solutions.  MBA promotes professionalism within the modular industry while always doing what is right, just and fair in all our business dealings.

Reasons to choose MBA . . .

1)  We are modular construction specialists.  We offer our clients insider knowledge regarding modular design and factory fabrication.  With our assistance, you will receive the best modular building possible for the lowest price possible.  We offer you our years of construction experience in and outside of the modular industry.  We can show you a variety of different installation techniques which can be used to create a beautiful finished facility. 

2)  We are a small company, so you will receive our undivided attention.  MBA does not have multiple layers of management.  Our size allows us to be very flexible and very responsive. 

3)  We guarantee your complete satisfaction. We promise that you will be totally satisfied with our work.  If you have a problem, we have a problem.  That's how MBA does business.

How may we serve your organization?

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Modular Building Associates (MBA)
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