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The physical design of your workplace can have a powerful effect on the productivity of your staff.  If you can create an attractive and functional environment, it will open up the path for productivity improvements to assist you and your staff to succeed in business!

New facilities encourage new behaviors.  Create an environment that will foster a positive reaction from your staff.  Breaking trailer stereotypes begins with imagination, creative design, complete customer need evaluation and overall project planning.

Over the course of time, it is quite common for a short-term modular building need to develop into a long-term addition to your property.  Plan for a long-term space solution and enjoy the increased aesthetic appeal of your attractive modular building over the short-term.  Incorporate landscaping around your modular building.  Plants can always be relocated. 

Create an impressive entrance into your modular building by using auxilary structures such as a portico or porch.  Take your visitor's eye away from the square lines of the modular building with interesting supplementary features. Create an attractive egress design that uses your slope of grade to develop a functional and appealing aesthetic entrance.

Realize that adding a modular building creates substantial operational issues from selection of office furniture to providing new communication processes that must be addressed.  If these issues are not dealt with properly, they can create roadblocks and impediments to the incredible potential of your modular building addition.

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