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Church Modular
Above is a very good example of an EIFS exterior with a stone border which creates a dramatic and professional finish. Notice how the site-constructed entrance takes your eye away from the roof line. 

Below is another good example of an EIFS exterior veneer.  Notice how the windows provide a visual balance between the roof line and ground level.
School Modular

Man Camp Modular
This is an good example of a site-constructed porch designed to conceal the building roof line and skirting. 
Workforce Modular
Yes, multi-story modular buildings.  This crisp two-story building is an excellent example of an EIFS veneer with the roof gutters concealed inside wall columns. 
Used Modular Build
This is another good example of a site-constructed porch system, but this one used board-on-board cedar planks to create a western ranch house appearance. 
Construction Modular
High rib steel siding with very few windows for security. 
Modular For Sale
Notice the nice details around the roofline and windows on this EIFS exterior veneer.
School Modular
This is a very good example of using color, lines and accents with an EIFS exterior veneer. 
Stock Modular
Typical modular office building from standard stock
Modular Design Services
Above is a very interesting modular building constructed in 1967 from concrete sections. 
Modular Building Associates
On top is a hotel constructed in 1968 using modular concrete sections.  Below is the elevator lobby. 
Modular Resale
Modular Design Services
Modular buildings can be very nice facilities.  It all starts with design.
Medical Modular
Bank Modular
You have a wide variety of interior finishes available.  What features are important in your space?
School Modular
Clinic Modular
Site-constructed entrances help break-up the straight lines & square profiles associated with modular buildings.
Sanitary Sewer
Site utilities are required for every construction project.  Proper site preparation is a must for long-term  building satisfaction. 
Strip Footer Foundation
Foundation designs depend upon the length of your building need.  Above is a strip-footer design.
Various concrete features can be added to the project to provide your building with a permanent appearance.
Different materials offer various textures.  Which materials are right for your project?
Handicap access is a requirement with every building constructed and it can be handled in a variety of ways.  Above is a concrete ramp design and below is a standard wood ramp.
Wood Deck with Handicap Ramp
Folding WallTile
StructuresRock Steps
Site-constructed features provide architectural interest, texture and color.

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