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Modular construction speed of occupancy is achieved because both the building and the site work are under construction at the very same time.  While the building is being built inside the factory, the site is being prepared.  All other forms of construction must finish the necessary site work before construction can begin on the actual building.  Not with modular construction!  Typical site-construction requires months for building framing, electric, plumbing, ductwork, etc. Not with modular construction!  Modular buildings require just a few days or weeks to complete the same square footage it would take months using site subcontractors.  A modular building can be ready for occupancy in almost half the time required for typical site-construction. 

In modular construction, materials are ordered weeks prior to the building going down the factory line to ensure all the studs, doors, windows, lights, gypsum, etc. are ready for the assembly workers.  Materials are purchased in bulk and the savings are passed on to you. A modular building can be as much as 95% complete when it arrives at your site or it can be ready to receive a site applied veneer after installation.

The exterior of your modular building can be brick, stucco, EIFS, metal or manufactured siding.  You can choose from a wide variety of site applied exterior veneers and interior finishes.  The interior can be factory installed wall covering or it can be raw gypsum ready for tape, bed, texture and paint on site.  What are your project objectives?  You can also order a building shell shipped with just the basic systems in place such as electric, HVAC and plumbing for completion at the site.

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