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God Bless Texas

Texas Facts:  In the year 1519, the Texas Gulf Coast was mapped by Alonzo Alverez de Pineda... In the year 1682, the first mission was established near present day El Paso... In the year 1836, Texas won  independence from Mexico... In the year 1845, Texas joins the United States of America as the 28th state... In the year 1901, Texas had it's first major oil strike near Beaumont... and,  as they say, the rest is history. 

Texas Facts:  The United States paid Texas $10 million in 1845 to cede territory that later became parts of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming when Texas joined the United States.  The map above represents the State of Texas between 1836 and 1845 after Texas won independence from Mexico on the battlefield of San Jacinto.  In 1803, the United States purchased the Louisiana territory from France for $15 million which included northern Texas and other parts of the territory later ceded by Texas to the United States.  Between 1803 and 1836, Texas was under Mexican rule.

Texas Facts:  April 21, 1836 was the Battle of San Jacinto.  "Remember the Alamo" & "Remember Goliad" were battle cries for the Texas soldiers at the Battle of San Jacinto.  It is estimated that the battle only took about eighteen minutes to fight.  In that short time 630 Mexican soldiers lost their lives and 730 captured while Texas only suffered the loss of nine soldiers.  The ultimate success of the Battle of San Jacinto came the following day with the capture of General Santa Anna.  General Santa Anna was also the President of Mexico.  Three weeks later General Santa Anna signed a peace treaty withdrawing all Mexican troops from Texas territory.  The Battle of San Jacinto gave the Republic of Texas liberation from Mexico and allowed Texas to become an independent country.

Texas Facts:  March 27, 1836 (Palm Sunday) is the date referred to as the Goliad Massacre.  After taking the Alamo, the massive Mexican Army surrounded a small group of Texas soldiers.  Colonel James Fannin and his 300 Texas soldiers surrendered to the Mexican Army on March 20th.  They expected to be treated as prisoners of war with possible release to the United States in the future.  Under a decree passed by the Mexican Congress on December 30, 1835, all armed foreigners taken in combat were to be treated as pirates and executed.  General Santa Anna considered all Texas soldiers as pirates.  With other captured Texas soldiers, the Mexican Army executed 343 unarmed prisoners of war including forty who were wounded and could not even walk. 

Texas Facts:  March 6, 1836 after a thirteen day siege, the Mexican Army overran a small mission, turned makeshift garrison, with orders to take no survivors.  It is estimated that 182 Texas soldiers lost their lives in the battle taking about 500 Mexican soldiers with them.  The Alamo was a mission in south central Texas where Texas revolutioners gathered against a massive Mexican Army lead by General Santa Anna.  Famous figures in Texas history who died in this battle were William Travis, Davy Crockett and James Bowie.

Texas Facts:  One of the founding fathers of Texas, Stephen F. Austin, was imprisoned for nearly two years by Mexico's dictator, General Santa Anna, on a charge of treason because he had petitioned for civil rights. 

Texas Facts:  Mexico was the third nation to fly its flag over our soil before the Republic of Texas was established in 1836.  The map of Texas in 1836 would have included the eastern half of present day New Mexico, the central half of present day Colorado and small sections of Wyoming, Oklahoma and Kansas.  Six Flags have flown over the land of Texas; Spain (1519-1685), France (1685-1690), Spain (1690-1821), Mexico (1821-1836), Republic of Texas (1836-1845), United States (1845-1861), Confederacy (1861-1865) and United States (1865-present).

Texas Facts:  The Congress of the Republic of Texas adopted the lone star as its seal back in 1836 when Texas was an independent nation. 

Texas Facts:  El Paso Texas is 55 miles closer to Needles California than it is to Dallas Texas. 

Texas Facts:  The state name came from an Indian word, Tejas, meaning friendly.  The state dinosaur is the Brachiosaur Sauropod.  The first saurodop tracks in the world were discovered in the Paluxy River just outside Glen Rose, Texas. 

Texas Facts:  Texas is the second most populated state in the USA with over 26.9 million residents counted in 2014.  75% of the Texas population can be found in the area between Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio/Austin.  Over 17 million Texans live in these areas;  the Dallas/Fort Worth area has 6.3 million Mavericks, the Houston area has 5.7 million Rockets, the San Antonio area has 2.1 million Spurs and the Austin area has 2 million citizens cheering on the UT Longhorns.  Houston, Dallas and San Antonio are all on the top ten list of United States most populated cities. 

Texas Facts:  Texas has become one of the most popular travel and tourism destinations in the United States generating almost $30 billion in travel spending.  With such a large area to cover, Texas has more highway and railroad track than any other state. 

Texas Facts:  An interesting form of Texas transportation is the pipeline.  It is estimated that three-forths of the natural gas burned in the United States is transported from Texas using underground pipelines.  In January 2015 Texas natural gas production was 683 billion cubic feet or 30% of US natural gas production.  In 1997 21% of the United States oil production came from 210 of the 254 Texas counties.  In January 2015 Texas crude oil production averaged 2.6 million barrels per day or 27% of US oil production.  Ranked fifth in US coal production, Texas has an abundant supply of natural minerals produced commercially.  Texas is the country's leading supplier of magnesium.  Texas is the second largest producer of portland cement, crushed stone, salt, sulfur, gypsum, crude, ball clay and talc.

Texas Facts:  Texas has 1,202 incorporated municipalities ranging in size from 32 residents to over 1.9 million.  Today, over 80 percent of the Texas population lives in cities and towns, but that was not always the case.  Since the 1900's Texans have been relocating from our rural communities into our larger cities.  More than 10,000 Texas towns have just ceased to exist because of this shift in our state's demographics. 

Texas Facts:  Texas has 254 counties.  They range in size from Rockwall's small 148.6 square miles to Brewster's massive 6,193.1 square miles.  You can fit the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island inside Brewster County.  Texas counties also have a wide population range.  Loving County Texas is the least populous county in the United States.  Loving County had a population of 82 people in the 2010 census as compared to Harris county with 4.1 million people.

Texas Facts:  The Dallas Morning News was established in 1885 by the Galveston News as sort of a North Texas subsidiary.  The two papers were linked by 315 miles of telegraph wire and shared a network of correspondents.  They were the first two newspapers in the country to print simultaneous editions.

Texas Facts:  Texas has rugged desert mountains in the southwest... Sandy beaches along the Gulf Coast... Rolling grasslands and prairies in the north... Rich pine forests covering the east... Limestone boulder, live oaks and beautiful bluebonnets decorating central Texas... Rugged sagebrush and mesquite covering most of the west...  Many native plants and animals can be found nowhere else in the world, but Texas.

Texas Facts:  The State of Texas covers 267,277 square miles large enough to fit 15 of our 50 states within its borders and still have 1,000 square miles left over.  Nearly 77% of the state's land area is a Texas farm or ranch.  Texas leads the nation in livestock number and diversity.  97% of Texas land is privately owned.

Texas Facts:  Texas has 91 mountains a mile or more high and they are all located in the Trans-Pecos Region.  In the USA, Alaska is the only state with more lakes and streams than Texas.  Texas has four national forests and five state forests.  10.9% of the state is covered with trees. 

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