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Steps to a successful project
1st Step . . . Establish Project Objectives
2nd Step . . . Evaluate Overall Project Plan
3rd Step . . . Customer Need Evaluation
4th Step . . . Modular Design Criteria
5th Step . . . Modular Construction Specialist
Put it all together and you get MBA's . . . 
RFQ Design Package

Would you spend $5,000 in consultation
to save $20,000 in construction?  Yes!

From project conception to implementation, 
Modular Building Associates (MBA) will save you 
time, money and hassel each step of the way. 
Let MBA put our modular industry expertise 
to work for you today.

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Modular Project Consultation - Pre-Construction Planning

Phases of our RFQ Design Package

Phase One = Initial Design
Phase Two = Design Development
Phase Three = Construction Documents
Phase Four = Request for Quotation (RFQ)
Phase Five = Construction

Features & Benefits of Modular Construction

Economic Savings
Speed of Occupancy
Ability to Relocate
Ease of Expansion
Factory Controlled Quality
Financial Flexibility

Sample Floorplans 
(Just click the uderlined description to go to that page)

Clinic and Medical
Church and School
2,500 S.F. Clinic Example
Church Sanctuary Example
3,000 S.F. Clinic Example
Education Wing Example
3,850 S.F. Clinic Example
Lockers & Classrooms Example
5,250 S.F. Medical Example
Standard Stock Classrooms
11,000 S.F. Medical Example
Standard Stock Office

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